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Lilifolia is the novelty of this industry, with the joint venture of different companies and experience, that put together all their business experience, knowledge and enthusiasm in its creation. The company is the result of a remodeled concept and vision, a futuristic approach of the industry, with a team that is fully engaged with your needs!

The motto that defines us is:
We do not promise, we make it happen!

Our business objective is to create value for our clients and companies through the use of creative, effective and tested solutions. Since its inception, the company has grown rapidly, with optimal outcomes for both its clients, employees and owners.

Our headquarters are located in Cyprus(the Main office), with offices in Romania and Serbia, providing their experience, knowledge and dedication to every project. Our network extends to over 20 countries, out of which our main growth markets are currently the Norwegian, the Swedish, the Finnish and the Great British markets. We understand that each market is different, thus our philosophy is to provide customized and exclusive services, in accordance with the requirements and standards of each client, in order to offer a complete and optimal range of services to better suite your needs.

Why Romania?

Within the last decade Romania has been one of the main outsourcing countries of Eastern Europe, while many MNC’s have chosen to relocate projects and departments in this region. Financially there are many advantages to choose Romania, however, one of the most important assets that you can benefit is the highly-skilled people you can enroll within your ranks. Romania is one of the most attractive markets in Europe for technology investment and outsourcing, with a highly skilled and diversified workforce, competitive prices, and a stimulating business environment.

Romania has an ever increasing reputation as an attractive outsourcing destination. Indeed, the 2014 A.T. Kearney index ranked Romania 5th among the most attractive outsourcing destinations in Europe. Also, according to the Times Outsourcing Business supplement 2012, Romania occupies 6th position globally in the top 10 emerging outsourcing destinations. Also, a 2014 study by KPMG ranked Romania as the fastest growing market in the European Union in terms of IT outsourcing services.

Thanks to Romania’s abundance of professionally very well prepared, multilingual and highly skilled labor pool, and cultural proximity to Western Europe the country has been climbing in the ranking among the most preferred outsourcing hubs for European and North American companies.

Romania is named by investors an outsourcing valley for BPO, ITO, software development and research programs, knowledge process outsourcing operations, as well as for shared service centers. But why? Here’s a short summary of the major factors contributing to Romania’s outsourcing attractiveness:

Simply Because

  • Highly skilled labor force, at competitive prices
  • Solid knowledge in foreign languages, technology, IT, marketing, etc.
  • Highly educated and organized employees
  • high-quality technical education – 8,000 university graduates / year
  • Strong aptitude for multilingual skills
  • Flexibility, dedication, exclusivity and experience
  • Cultural similarities with Western cultures
  • The right price-quality ratio
  • Geographical (1-2 hour flights) and cultural (business ethics) proximity to Western Europe facilitating close relationship between client and vendor compared to offshore locations
  • One of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe (ranking 7th in EU, with over 21 million inhabitants)

Why Serbia?

Serbia is considered one of the most promising IT outsourcing destinations in Europe. Its stable business conditions, EU legislation compliance, attractive tax incentives, low tax rates, and very reasonable labour costs have been attracting scores of international corporations.

Simply Because

  • Low Cost
  • Good Legislation
  • High language Proficiency, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, German..
  • Similar Work Ethics
  • Skilled Employees
  • A Multitude of IT Companies
  • A Favorable Time Zone
  • Good Legislation
  • Safety and Stability
  • To sum it all up, Serbia is a real force on the outsourcing map of Europe and definitely worth the consideration. A highly skilled workforce employed by companies who offer affordable projects is a win-win situation for any company coming from the West.

The active countries, where we currently opperate are:

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Romania, Serbia.


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We do not promise, we make it happen!

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